Through the Lens

An Online Exhibition by Mik Motala

“Through The Lens” a digital photo exhibition series showcasing my journey through photo journalism over the past 5 years spanning, 3 countries, 2 continents, on various assignments and expeditions. Exploring vast landscapes, desert terrain, tropical islands, majestic wildlife of the African plains. Including the Kalahari, Namib Desert, tropical Islands of Sumatra, wildlife of South Africa. Immersing myself in each culture along the way.
Seeing as none of us are allowed to visit our favourite national parks, beaches or travel destinations at this time, I’ve decided to bring them directly into your living rooms.
My aim is to inspire others enough through my images, that they connect through the visuals to that exact moment when I clicked that shutter and hopefully something resonates within them to also capture or document their inner passions.

Framed Canvas Print

Framed Fine Art Prints