Namib Desert


Limited Edition: Framed Print [1 of 10]


Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Shoot:  23 June 2012
Photographer: Mik Motala

Estimated Manufacturing and Delivery Time: 12-18 Days

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Namib Desert

Namib Desert – View from Dune 7, Walvis Bay Namibia, the highest sand dune in the Namib Desert, Limited Edition Framed Canvas Print -”Through The Lens” by Mik Motala Printed and Framed by Orms Print Room. Shipped with Aramex. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Product Description

Edition:Limited Edition [1 of 10]
Size:A3 / A4
Weight:360 gsm
Tone:Natural White
Box Frame:Obeche (African hardwood)
Hanging Mechanism:Rear aluminum hooks with string (Included in Pricing)
Certificate of Authenticity:Certificate sent via email as PDF upon receipt
Time to Process Payment:5-7 Business Days
Manufacturing:7-10 Business Days
Shipping:5-8 Business Days