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Post 001 – Welcome to the blog

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Welcome to my new blog page called….
“Mik On The Move”

A travel, adventure & lifestyle blog
I initially started this page 8 months ago on Facebook to share my cruise ship adventures at the time working as an art gallery associate onboard Carnival Cruise lines sailing the Caribbean with brief reviews / visual insights into each destination.





Lock down has been a huge time of reflection, it has given me the time to go through my images, reflect and relive those incredible places, life-changing moments, immersing myself in the history culture, cuisine and music of each destination. Even though I’m not physically able to travel right now I am able to take people on a journey through my lens, kick start the blog officially and let people mind surf through all the places I’ve been lucky enough to experience through the ships and as a photo journalist over the years on assignment through out South East Asia since 2016. I’ve been doing an awesome branding course through Wired Creatives, their amazing community of fellow creatives has inspired me to get the blog and travel writing going again.


“Mik On The Move” came’s from a family joke, I was always a busy, adventurous child growing up, couldn’t sit still or shut up đŸ˜„ very into sports, music and the outdoors, whenever people used to ask my folks what I’m up to, my Mom would always say, “Mik’s on the move, on the go again”. Years later subconsciously I stayed true to my 11-year-old self, kept that inner adventurous spark, inquiring mind and yearning to explore, make sense of the world in my own way, my camera the paint brush and the outdoors my canvas I’d like to think.



My aim is to inspire others enough through my images, that they connect through the visuals to that exact moment when I clicked that shutter and hopefully something resonates within them to also get out there explore their inner passions, even better if they pick up a camera in the process stumble upon photography along the way as I did.
I never ever thought in my wildest dreams, I’d be fortunate enough to get to shoot or experience some of the things I have behind the lens thus far, firm believer now whatever your goals or aspirations are, none are too big or small, keep them in mind, work towards them little by little, persevere, have faith and the rest will follow, main message I’d like to share. Looking forward to the journey ahead to come.

Watch this space for upcoming travel articles and pics from my adventures through the lens past and upcoming.



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