Climbing Dune 7 Namibia

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There is a desert I long to be walking. A wide emptiness. Peace beyond any understanding of it. “Rumi”
This quote most definitely sums up magnificent Dune 7 in Walvis Bay, Namibia
Honestly one of the most awe inspiring, breathtakingly beautiful places I’ve been fortune enough to travel in my photographer career thus far.
The highest sand dune in Southern Africa,1,256 feet (383 meters) tall, 7th highest in the world, situated in the oldest desert in the world, the Namib.
Aptly named being the seventh dune you cross after passing the river Tsauchab.
Online it’s estimated to take 45min -1hr to ascend the mighty dune
But it took our group approximately 15-20 min to get to the top, with relative fitness levels.
Pace yourself : Set aside time for the climb, everyone has their own pace, it’s not a race, unless you have a bet with your mates who can get to the top first 😀
I wouldn’t advise that though, its steeper than it looks from the bottom, stop a few times in between to catch your breath, take in the sheer beauty around you.
Ditch the baggage: Carry as minimal items as possible, to minimize weighing you down, a small day pack with camera and water bottle should be sufficient
Socks no shoes:  Tip from the local guides, rather take your shoes off (unless you want a sea of sand in them) climb with your socks on for more traction, it really does help.
The views at the top are absolutely incredible and well worth the climb, your calves will thank you later.
What amazes me the most about deserts besides its vastness, is the remarkable plants and animals that call it home, how resilient they are in the harshest conditions and how much life is actually teaming in it. From the Sidewinder Snake, Gemsbok (Oryx) to Namaqua Chameleon, all endemic to this area.
                                                                                     Photo Credit: Anne & Steve Toon

                         Photo Credit: Eller Strand
Getting There
By Air
Situated in Walvis Bay, Dune 7 is easily accessible from Walvis Bay International airport, a mere 9 min taxi ride or shuttle from the airport.
By Road
From historic coastal city of Swakopmund on 27 min (37.3 k) away head south on the D1984 highway towards Walvis Bay, follow road signs,take on the breath taking vastness of the dunes rolling by.
By Sea
If you find yourself docking at the cruise ship terminal, take a day trip to Dune 7.
Walvis Bay Port is a quick 16min (14.6 km) drive away head north east via C14 / M36 road, follow signs towards Dune 7.
For the adventurous at heart take advantage of a once in a lifetime experience of Quad Biking or Sand Boarding through the oldest desert in the world with Dune 7 Adventures
Quad Bike
Experience the thrill of riding a quad bike through Namibia’s boundless expanse of shifting dunes, you can choose from a quick 30min ride at NS350 ($24) or up to 2hr guided drive for those with more time to spare at NS650 ($44)
Sand Board
6 slides down the slopes of Dune 7 standing up at NS480 ($33)
6 slides lying down, head first down the dune at NS350 ($24)
                                                                                      photo credit: Dune 7 Adventures
                                                                            Photo Credit: Ultimate Sand Boarding
Namibian Dollar (NS) is on par with the South African Rand (ZAR)
For every Rand you get 99c (NS)
For every US Dollar ($) you get approximately 16.46 Namibian Dollars (NS)
Top 10 Hotels near Dune 7
Definitely top of my list to visit again once it’s safe to travel once more.
One I highly recommend

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