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Mik-Motala-180x180Mikhail Adam Motala

Photographer, freelance photo journalist, film maker from Cape Town, South Africa.

A keen interest in live music, sport, travel and fashion photography.

Having freelanced for various event websites, publications and production companies localy in South Africa and abroad over the past 8 years.
A passion for capturing life in motion, irrespective the style of photography, striving to capture timeless movements behind the lens one shot at a time.
Growing up in one of the most scenic cities in the world Cape Town South Africa, making this photographer fall in love with landscapes, vibrant colours and contrasts of his surroundings.
Striving to bring this across in his images, hoping to leave a lasting impression in the mind of the viewer.
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Mission Statement

Capturing timeless moments, leaving a lasting impression in the mind of the viewer one pic at a time